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How much does the first floor sag due to the partioning wall removal on the ground floor?

Hi, I need some help please. We had our partition wall removed about 4 years ago. The builder put the I beam (i think that is what its called) in the ceiling, for weight bearing of the first floor.
But after a few days the first floor started sagging a little. The door on the first floor stopped rubbing the carpet and now closes on its own. We called the builder he said it was normal, according to him it happens as the ceiling settles.
Then new cracks started appearing along the wall skirtings. One of the wall lights on the first floor cracked as well! Also ceiling light in the upstairs landing came off!
We think that its possible that the builder didn't raise the ceiling properly enough before installing the beam.
Please help. And if that is the case what shall we do?
I would be greatly thankful...

I would like to thank you all for the helpful answers. Also for more answers in this thread, thank you in anticipation

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As long as its a partition and not load bearing it should not sag . Would get a professional out to check this asap

Answered 6th Jun 2012

DAW contracts

Member since 11 Apr 2012

This doesn't sound good.The floor shouldn't sag. Before the wall was removed, all joists should have been fully supported until the beam was in place to take any weight. Did you use a structural engineer to calculate beam size and did building control sign it off? There are plenty of builders around that have beams laying around the yard that are happy to throw them in and tell the client no regs are required.If you haven't used an engineer then I would call one in asap.

Answered 6th Jun 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

Sounds like you tried to save a few quid by not employing a structural engineer in the first place, now its come back to bite you on and will cost twice as much to put right.There are no cheap shortcuts in construction.

Answered 6th Jun 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

Member since 28 Sep 2008

oops sounds like you have a problem and want to get a pro to look at it ASAP!!

Answered 11th Jun 2012


Member since 5 Jul 2010

That should not be happening i would get a structual engineer to check this asap

Answered 23rd Dec 2012

Simply Loft Conversions

Member since 20 Dec 2012

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