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How to avoid condensation on ceilings and mould in a bathroom with no windows?

I have a bathroom in a summerhouse that is 92 inches long and 34 inches wide. The bathroom has no window but does have a fan installed when the light is switched on. The fan is about 60 inches away from the shower. It is not a special branded fan, just a basic one.

I have warm showers in this bathroom on a daily basis and I have seen that it causes condensation and the ceiling gets all wet, which forms droplets of water on the bathroom tiles making the place damp with mould.

Apart from installing a window in the bathroom is there an effective alternative that will prevent this from happening? Also, please make the solution as simple as possible.

I have done my research and the most I got is to have better lighting and get plants to absorb the moisture. I have 3 spot lights installed in the bathroom and I believe that lighting is sufficient. Please provide all details possible.

Thanks in advance

I already have an extractor fan

Is there another fan anyone will recommend ?

Any humidstat fan that anyone recommends ?

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Humidistat fan

Edit. Yes a humidistat fan which will continue to run with high humidity rather than the timer fan which cuts off after 15 minutes ish


Answered 13th Nov 2020

Your fan isn't strong enough, you need a humiditstat fan or clogged and restricting air flow.
But by seeing the spec of your fan straight away it doesn't have the guts to do what you need, humidistat and only a '100', its a small area, you need the fan to pull it out quick, always look at tye CFM rating and size to your bathroom


Answered 12th Nov 2020

Definitely a humidistat fan, I fitted a bathroom in January, walls were so wet before I started I had my roofer check things because I was convinced there must be a leak. No leak, tiled the room, even before anything working (shower) water running down the tiles just from having the heating on. Fitted a humidistat fan, totally dry room when I walked in the next morning.


Answered 19th Nov 2020

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