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Plaster becoming loose on artex ceiling

Hi I had a plasterer replaster over four artex ceilings on my house a year ago. One area of the plaster in the living room has came loose and had to be taken off. Is this because I’ve left it for over a year before painting it? Or is it because the job wasn’t done right?

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No, plastering over artex is always a risk. It’s never guaranteed the water in plaster can reactivate the artex which reduces the adhesion of the plaster to the ceiling. Regardless of what you’ve been advised the bond of plaster to artex isn’t very good. The best solution is over-boarding your ceiling and then skimming it.


Answered 26th Oct 2020

hi that would be down to distemper the ceiling would need over boarding and skimming again


Answered 26th Oct 2020

Nothing to do with the length of time it’s been left to paint
More of a suction issue did the plasterer use a pre grit before hand or just pva ?
Most plasterers would over board for similar money especially if giving a guarantee it’s always a gamble over artex


Answered 26th Oct 2020

I allways advise on overboarding artex ceilings due to the chance of the artex could distemper once plaster is applied due to the moisture.


Answered 27th Oct 2020

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