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Vehicle access pavement and dropped kerb

Can someone advise me if the full vehicle access pavement needs to be resurfaced after installing a dropped kerb or is it acceptable just to patch repair/resurface the strip of pavement running alongside the new dropped kerb?


Thank you for your helpful advice ELX.

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The whole area would need to be dug up and levelled. It has to have a smooth slope and at as low a degree as possible to prevent accidents and injures for those with visual impairments.


Answered 22nd Oct 2020

No the full area has to be new base coat tar then asphalt top coat white chip also has to match the pavement for council to pass it


Answered 16th Nov 2020

Depending on how steep it is yes you could patch


Answered 16th Nov 2020

Full area needs excavating as the council will need the measurements to grant permits, we supply advice if needed on dropped kerbs.


Answered 16th May 2023

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