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Horrible smell when toilet in loft is flushed

We recently had a loft conversion with a bathroom. Occasionally when the toilet is flushed it makes a strange gurgling noise, the water disappears and dirty water comes up. We then get a horrible sewerage smell on the bottom floor of the house at the back where the soil pipe goes underground. We recently got some repair work done on the soil pipe as it had become disjointed, but the problem is still happening. The existing toilet doesn't do this ? Could this be a venting problem? The builders disconnected the old vent when they did the work, but I don't know how to check if they put an alternative in. I can't see anything from the outside.

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this could be lack of venting, it could be a partial blockage causing back pressure in soil stack, get a qualified plumber not a builder to look at it.


Answered 18th Oct 2020

The problem sounds like when you are flushing the loo the pressure is sucking the water from the traps in either the basin/shower or bath! Try fitting anti-syphon traps to them


Answered 12th Nov 2020

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