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Level sticks on dual flush toilet

The toilet in our main bathroom has started to stick open when flushing, causing water to constantly run into the bowl. Wiggling the handle seems to release it back to the normal position.

Looking inside, we seem to have a dual flush value from lab-sanitary. When pushing the handle, the casing directly behind it seems to bulge, as if something is getting forced out of place.

My questions on this are;
1) is this something that can be repaired, or will the whole unit need to be replaced? I've been nervous about opening the casing as I don't want lots of small parts to fly out!
2) What would be a good brand to go with if we need to replace? The toilet was only installed a couple of years ago so not very happy that it's already failing.

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Possible broken inlet valve or failty syphon sounds repairable if its the inlet the extra water could be from overflow,.


Answered 17th Oct 2020

your best recourse is to replace it, they are only plastic and ware after a couple of years, there are lots of makes on the market all basically the same.


Answered 17th Oct 2020

Replace is your only option
As regards replacement any unit of the same physical size will be appropriate
Two years service is not that uncommon and obtain new from a plumbers merchant who will advise as which is best


Answered 17th Oct 2020

No I don't think you can do it if you haven't don before
That's depend to which type of flashing mechanism you have


Answered 17th Oct 2020

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