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Are these cracks in the ceiling a problem?

I have Roofers in at the moment. After the first day's hammering we had diagonal cracks appear in the ceiling in the four corners of the house. So that means two in our bedroom, one in the kids room and one in the bathroom. Is this anything to worry about and how should we approach it with our roofer? The roofer is reputable and was found through the Trustmark website.

Please help. Need advice ASAP!

Thanks for your responses, I did approach the builder diplomatically. He seemed stumped and said that the joists were resting on brick and not the ceiling itself (suggesting a traditional perlin construction?). He put the cracks, which haven't gotten any bigger, down to 'vibrations' caused by the work.

The job is done now, though the scaffolding, skip and some tiles and debris still need to be removed. There hasn't been any completion paperwork given to us though. The roof was reslated with Spanish slate which, according to the quote, has a 30-50yr quarry backed guarantee. Shouldn't I get a copy or certificate with this guarantee on it? The quote actually mentions a 10yr insurance backup guarantee on completion. Is this a worthwile guarantee to have?

Thanks ADR The company have stated that the completion certificate is actually provided by Fairtrade and that Fairtrade will send it out to us, once we have completed a questionaire... is this right? Do they do this?

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Hi I would have a polite chat to the roofer and voice your concerns whilst he is at your property . It's always easier to sort things out before the job is finished.
Hope this helps.
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Answered 27th May 2012

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Hi, as your roofer is working on your roof, it would be good to know if you have trussed roof timbers or a traditional perlin construction, as the perlin construction should not really affect your ceilings where as the trussed beams will affect the plaster finish as the timbers that the plasterboard are attached to are an integral part of the roof as a whole.

If however the roofers are just running around on the ceiling joists then this could cause problems, just as using the loft space for storage, so discussing with your roofer is definitely the best course of action, but do it diplomatically so as not to cause tension between client and contractor, if they are aware of a problem they can resolve it IF it is their responsibility, but may be something that is expected with the works being carried out.

Hope this helps
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Answered 28th May 2012


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Skip and scaffolding companies are sometimes rather slow at up lifting their equiptment just took me 3 wks to get a skip company to lift their skip, and part of the scaffolding is still there despite repeated phone calls. Spanish slate is okay and will last the period they are quoting, although not the best slate on the market.
I would be chasing the company for the completed paperwork, although a guarantee is only as good as the company supplying it.

good luck alex

Answered 5th Jun 2012

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