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Damp course and air bricks

Hi, I am having a driveway installed and they have built almost pass the skirt of the house. One airbrick is still completely exposed and 0.5cm from the paving and the other is lower than the drive and they have built a small trench the width of the air brick so that it isnt blocked by the brickwork. The drive is sloping to the neighbours side (gravel board) then down to the street. So the bricks against the house are at a harder slant to the left and slighter slant away from my property, down to the street. I'm concerned about damp because how far they've built up the house and the airbricks. They did not discuss this with me before they built the drive like that. I've asked them why they haven't put a trench in so that there is a gap away from the house so that the airbricks and damp course are not compromised. They are telling me because I didn't discuss this with them I will have to pay for this change. They didn't even ask if I minded them building up my damp course and air bricks they just did it. I would have thought that they would have known to build a trench as standard it they can't level drive down. They have also not put any holes or drain away in the ACO so it fills up and spills onto the street and the corner of my neighbours garden. They have walked off the job until I have my concerns supported by another professional such as a surveyor or building inspector and they are threatening me with legal action. The citizen advice bureau has advised me that I can also use written advice from a paving/driveway specialist. The more confirmation that I get in writing that what they have is not right, the better. I can continue to ask them to rectify mistakes without the worry of the threats of legal costs from their side. I appreciate all the help and advice I can get in regards to this matter. Thank you.

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Should be two bricks below damp,I understand at times this cannot be helped,but they should have taken ground out to right level,before starting,if this was going to cost more they should have explained. Since they knew the problem was there and never said anything,it's down to them as they would or should have priced it in the job........sounds like they are being dishonest to me......


Answered 16th Oct 2020

You should be 2 bricks below damp course and if its tight to the house you should have Aco drain going into a soak away


Answered 16th Oct 2020

Yes they should have installed the driveway 150mm below the damp course, if this was unfeasible then an aco drain should have been installed right around the house (where the dpc is compromised) and should of been connected to an existing gully for drainage.
Iv seen a lot of cowboy builders installing aco drains on drives and not knowing they have to connect to a soakaway or existing drainage system.
You shouldnt have to pay for the work to be put right, they should have put these plans into their quotation, if they havnt then they don't actually know what they are doing. Just check the hight from the dpc which is usually at the hight of the internal floor, if the paving is 150mm below that hight then you should be ok


Answered 28th Oct 2020

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