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Replace 3 blown window panes in a unit or the entire window unit?

I have a window in the kitchen that has four panes of glass. Three of them are blown.
The sizes are (approx)
42cm wide by 73cm high x 2
54cm by 48cm x 1

Should I replace the entire unit or is it cheaper just to replace the three panes of blown glass? They are double glazing.
The rest of the windows in the house are fine.

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How old are they?
If they’re still in warranty get whatever they offer. I just had all mine replaced on the last month of a 15year warranty.

If they are past warranty, just get new units and keep the frames. They will have aged evenly. Nothing is worse than a pearly white window frame when all the rest are discoloured.


Answered 12th Oct 2020

I have never known anyone give you a 15 year warranty on double glazed units windows 10 year and glass 5 year personally I’d change the whole window


Answered 26th Oct 2020

I would just upgraded change all the units to energy efficient double glazing if the window is still in working order ask the installer to check the window, that way it may be cheaper up upgraded rather than replace


Answered 9th Nov 2020

There is no need too replace the frame you can change the units themselves and even raise the energy efficiency of the window itself by fitting an A rated unit and whilst the units are taken out you can check that the window is fitted securely and check the hinges and locks are fine and chemically clean the plastic it’s like giving you window a full MOT


Answered 13th Nov 2020

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