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Chasing cat 6 cables through kitchen extension

Hi there,

So basically I'm trying to run some cat6 cable through the ceiling by drilling through joists. This is from the existing kitchen to the outer kitchen extension. It's a 5m x 4m extension.

The only obstacle I face now is bypassing a steel rsj lintle to get to the other side. So basically the feed should reach the end where the facer and sofit will sit as I'm looking to attach the dome hikvision cam to the sofit.

Just wondering is there a way to drill through the rsj steel lintle..? Its a flat grp roof by the way and not a sloping roof.

Also if the sofit has already been attached is there a safe way to remove it for the purpose of feeding the cable and then re attaching it without breaking any part of it..?

If anyone can help out then please get in touch. Thanks in advance 👍

Kindest Regards

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When you say drilling through joists where have you drilled, how many and how big?
If you’ve gone willy nilly drilling holes you might end up with the ceiling collapsing. There are very strict rules on notching and drilling joists.


Answered 8th Oct 2020

Not really any Exact answer to the question really there many different ways of doing these but drilling the steel Joist is not a good idea as it to hold up the existing founding walls.

Best thing from my experience would be to put a wireless router in that room and connect from camera to it and wireless bridge to the wifi that the NVR is connect to this will put the camera onto your NVR


Answered 8th Oct 2020

If the lintel is across the width of your kitchen then generally there is a gap above where the roof joists ait on it ,if not then an 8mm steel drill bit will give you a big enough hole through without effecting the strength of the lintel!, as for the soffit ,its either held on by pins covered in plastic or its siliconed on, personally I would fish the cable through the cavity wall if there was on, even cavity filled it can still be done


Answered 8th Oct 2020

Hi i’m sure they’re in the hall is gonna be that big if he just needs CAT5 or cat 6 to go through most likely 16 mm hole that shouldn’t affect the beams I’m sure they won’t crack and I’m sure it’s one hole per joist and they should be perfectly fine


Answered 9th Oct 2020

Drill 16m holes in the middle of each the joist, just like you would if you were electrical cables.


Answered 10th Oct 2020

As ELX says, there are some strict rules on notching and drilling through joists. Worth checking them out.
Do not drill through the RSJ!

Would it be at all possible for you to run the cables through the floor instead and then up the wall?
Sometimes you can pop the end of the sofit off which might be enough to fish your cables through.


Answered 9th Dec 2020

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