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How high can i build a wall around my rear garden? using what materials?

i would like to use concrete building blocks instead of those wooden fences!
would concrete be safer against anyone looking to steal items from my backyard? or would it be cheaper to install cctv? thanks

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You will find it is a lot cheaper to install cctv.
Theres a lot of costs and work in building a concrete block wall, ie foundations to be dug, depth according to height of wall, getting rid of the digout, concrete, all this is money buried under the ground.
You will have to be careful on your desired height, I am assuming you want to deter tealeafs (theives) you will be restricted by your local council, make sure you check before building, you only want 1 complaint from a disgruntled neighbour and you could be forced to pull it down.
Normal max height for rear garden 1.8m which an opportunist would have no trouble jumping over.
There are quite a few security fences, ie metal with inward/outward slanted tops, usually has 3 strands barbed wire, but again check as could be a saftey issue.
Best to pop in to your local council and discuss what they will say you can put up, and get it in writing.
Another good deterent to go with the cctv is security sensor lights, get the ones with strongest light, this normally scares them of when every thing lights up.
Keep every thing locked up and out of site, as it sounds like you have some valuable stuff.
ps, whats your address & when are you on holiday.

Answered 12th Apr 2011


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yes you can build a brick or block wall up to 2 metres high with out planning permision i would recomend building the walldouble for strengh or with some pillars every 2 metres it would work out more expencive than a wooden fence but would last alot longer than a timber fence

Answered 12th Apr 2011

dpc builders

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as long as the wall isn't higher than 2.5 metres you should be ok to proceed without planning permission. However you would need neighbours consent first as it isn't possible to erect a masonry wall without causing some disruption to their side of the wall, even if only temporary.

Also the wall should really be from materials to match the property (matching bricks or rendered blockwork depending what your house is buildt from) and concrete blocks can look unsightly.

I have a lot of experience in this work so if you are local feel free to contact me through my profile for a quote.

p.s an experienced burglar could climb a wall just as well as a fence unfortunately!! would stop them knocking through to take large items though

Answered 12th Apr 2011

D.G Building

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6'6'' regs acn extend a little more but be sure of that through your local planning appl.
Expensive,but can look greati f approached in the correct manor and style

Good Luck

Answered 16th Apr 2011

GSI Property Services

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It all depends where the wall is in regard to height some local authorities here in Scotland will only allow a solid brick wall to be 1.5 m high especially if it backs onto a public walkway I would check with your local planning dept to see what they would allow . A wall with piers and a fence or railing on top might be more suitable and better looking.

Answered 18th Apr 2011

M Cranie builders

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6ft in brick or blockwork

Answered 12th Apr 2011


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