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Carpet on top of laminate floor?


Our lounge and dinner have been knocked into one, but the two rooms are on slightly different levels (by a couple of inches). We previously had carpet and hated the slope that was present in-between the two rooms. Nowadays we have laminate flooring, which has been packed underneath with the green boards you put under laminate flooring to make the two rooms level. The problem is, I don't like wood flooring in lounges and want to carpet again, but if I do that, the slope will come back - which I hate even more.

Is it possible to lay the carpet directly onto the laminate floor? I know this is a floating floor that is designed to move, but I am unsure if it is possible to screw the gripper to the floorboards through the laminate to make it more sturdy. If not, what is the best option for me?

Thanks for your help

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Hello i have fitted carpets over laminate in the past and have had no problems with it so far, like you say it is just a floating floor and can be grippered underlayed and carpetted like normal.... however in the long run if you ever did decide to rip it all up (carpet underlay laminate and underlay) your doors to the room will have a large gap underneath as it all adds up. If you are not bothered about this then just go ahead and carpet over it it should be fine. Hope this helps thanks


Answered 22nd May 2012

If cost is not too much of an option I would have the lower floor, if concrete, bought up to same level of other floor using either a sand/cement screed or floor levelling compound then lay the same underlay at same level and carpet it. If it is a wooden floor then just raise the height with other cheap timber then underlay/carpet. I wouldn't recommend laying carpet over laminate as laminate is a shiny smooth surface and the carpet may move/slip and stretch over time. The reason underlays are used is to grip the carpet as well as to provide comfort and support and kept firmly in place with grippers or glue, all designed in mind to stop carpet slip, which may occur when laying over smooth surfaces as lino, laminate and tiles. Most old floor tiles are non slip when dry and non slip is the clue word!!!! that being said you can lay carpet on anything, if you want to!


Answered 15th Jun 2012

Hi, yeah you can gripper straight threw the laminate and fit on top, if anything this gives you a good base to go on, but don't fix the gripper threw the laminate and floor boards as your laminate still needs room to expand under your carpet. It will start to buckle if you fix it. Thats why there called floating floors, we went threw a stage of carpeting over a lot of laminates at one time after people were getting fed up with the cold and noise of wood.
Hope this helps.


Answered 22nd May 2012

hi have layed a carpet on top of a laminate flooring because my customer asked for it as the house was a rental property,the biggest problem i found was that i couldnent fit the gripper to the laminate and i do not think the job looked very good after finished so my advice is that you shoul not lay hessian back carpet with underlay but you can try with feltback carpet but this one will damage the laminate aswell because of the adhesive,hope this was of any help to you


Answered 22nd May 2012

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