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How to integrate washing machine

I am currently designing my new kitchen and already have a free standing washing machine but want it integrated into the kitchen. The washing machine I have is quite small and would fit into a 600mm unit. Can I simply put it in the unit and have a hole cut in the bottom for the pipes? or would the weight of the washing machine be to much?


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You simply make an opening of 700, as the 600 opening does not work, you will need 2x 350 doors and a deeper worktop and some plinth, 700 worktop depth does work, so you will have to buy the 900 worktop and rip it down to 700, the 200 offcut, i usually try to fit into a windowcill somewere in the kitchen. It is always possible and does work.You should not attempt placing your current washer into any purpose built kitchen cabinet, because it will not fit. You require a "stow away unit" I usually make them from plinth boards. You only need enough depth to hold the hinge plate, simple 4 pices cut to size, pop your hinges on add your doors, job done. PS: it may be cheeper to buy 2 x 400 doors and use the additional 100 mill as storage, as 350 doors are not common sizes, but make a better job. Hope that helps?


Answered 15th Jun 2012

I have never in 20 yrs of fitting kitchens of heard of a washing machine fitting in a unit ( carcass) the only difference to a free standing washing machine and integrated is integrated are drilled on front to accept fascia door to swing and are recessed on bottom to allow plinth to continue past .


Answered 11th Jun 2012

All washing machines are 600mm wide as standard.the only way to do it is have wider worktops and set your base units off the wall or put your washer in a bigger opening and use a 400 and 300 doors so you can use concealed hinges.


Answered 25th May 2012

You can put the washing machine in the space but not in the cabinet
The weight would be too much.
You will need a more space as integrated machines are slimmer front to back.
Would suggest a carpenter /kitchen fitter sort door fitting unless you are pretty handy.


Answered 21st May 2012

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