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Thermostatic shower going hot and freezing cold - shower tap was recently changed


Our thermostatic shower keeps going from hot to freezing cold. At first issue was only occasional, now it happens every time we shower. Other taps in the flat change temperature slightly but not to freezing cold. We recently had an engineer to clean plate to plate heat exchanger and we also bought new shower tap. Our suspicion might be that the boiler got dirty again and plate to plate exchanger might be dirty as boiler has no filter. Boiler is gas Worcester Greenstar 25Si. Heating works fine. I was hoping maybe someone could think if any other ideas what could be wrong?

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Check the shower head ain't blocked or the inlet filter to the shower


Answered 24th Sep 2020

If the cold water is coming from the mains and not a cws then you have either got a problem with the boiler or the shower valve, new shower valves/thermostatic taps should always be fitted with new hoses and heads.


Answered 9th Oct 2020

Call a plumber to come and sort it out , better to be safe than sorry


Answered 21st Oct 2020

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