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Moisture has got into the sealant of a double glazed window. do i need to get a new window?

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No tale the old unit out measure the thickness and size you can get it out by removing the glazing beads if beads on outside you will have to remove rubber gaskets from the inside first after measuring put it back and contact local glass company to order a new glazed unit.

Answered 11th Apr 2011

B & S General Builders.

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There is a process for removing moisture from double glazed unit, its success is dependant upon the condition of the unit, if there is moisture or fogging then the process can be used effectively, if there is leaching on the glass, ie white marks, then it may not be as effective. It is an alternative to replacing the glass. For more information go to

Answered 11th Apr 2011

Enviro Property Solutions

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If you mean, your double glazing has broken down, ie misted up between your glass then you only need the glass unit replaced, best to get a window fitter to measure up, as they will need to take out the glazing beads to not only measure width x length, but the thickness as well.
Common problem.

Answered 11th Apr 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

hi there as you are now aware you can just change the units of glass rather than the whole window.but you can get certain companies to fill with a gas that then make them as new but in a lot of cases its cheaper to replace the glass units .take great care measureing them it may need to be toughed or heat saving coated or simlar .also the width of the unit needs to the same.but if exturnal beaded then change the whole window for security as its a lot harder to break in inturnal beaded.thanks alex cedar construction

Answered 13th Apr 2011

cedar construction

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You dont need a whole new window,just replace the glass sealed unit.

Answered 11th Apr 2011

m w building construction and property maintenance

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the simple answer is yes,sorry regards Tery.

Answered 11th Apr 2011

tm property services

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it sounds as if you have moisture in between the panes of glass
a new glass panel (double glazed unit) but you dont need a full window
easy to fix

Answered 11th Apr 2011

C Glancey

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no just new unit

Answered 11th Apr 2011

RCB Builders

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no you can just replace the glass depending on age of window

Answered 11th Apr 2011

total residential property services

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You need a new unit (double glazed window) you will really need it measuring proffesionaly as the units come in at least 3 different thicknesses, hope this helps.

Answered 11th Apr 2011

Kevin Grimmond & Son Decorating

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No just a glass unit. David

Answered 11th Apr 2011


Member since 6 May 2009

No just the glass unit.

Answered 12th Apr 2011


Member since 12 Apr 2009


Its sounds like the double glazed unit (the glass) the seals have gone. you would only have to replace the glass, not the frame.

NPS Property Services

Answered 16th May 2011

NPS Property services

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