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Plastering bathroom ceiling damaged due to water penetration

The flat above mine recently had a slow leak from the bath/shower that eventually penetrated by bathroom ceiling(upstairs bath not sealed or fitted properly so water was running down the side, onto the floor, and through the ceiling).

This has caused some cracking and bowing of the plaster in the ceiling, in one are of the ceiling. It is presently still damp to touch and will need some time to dry out.

My question is, does the whole ceiling need replacing or can it be plasterboarded over with plaster on top of that?

I'm not sure what type of ceiling it is at the moment (i.e. lath and plaster) but the flat is a victorian house conversion. I would like to avoid a disruptive removal of plaster if poss, as the flat is rented out.

Additionally, the water penetration has also damaged the wall and the tiles around the bath have started to bow out. You can see they stick out, and they move when touched.

My question here is what is the best course of action? Do I need to completely remove all tiles, replaster and then retile? I am assuming wall will be damp from water penetration so will need to dry out.

Views on timescales for this type of work would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your replies

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yes,better to overboard ceiling once dry,old lathe and lace once wet will create problems,it blows and such.the cheapest way is to overboard,i sometimes with these older houses,tend to put false ceiling up,slightly lower,but this is obviously more money.As for tiles, yes plaster underneath has trapped water and blown wall,which will stay there until given a chance to dry out,so tile removal and re-setting is the way to go.Hard to give time scale,not sure on size of room,and how wet the wall is.

Answered 15th May 2012

Handyman Portsmouth

Member since 2 Oct 2007

hi dave iwould take out damp patch on cieling pack out and then overboard withfoiled back plasterboard which would reduce damage if upstairs ever had problems in future as for walls take off tilesl then patch with plaster allow to dry then time scales tack and plaster cieling tiles off patch wall 1day drying time leave for week window open every day

Answered 15th May 2012

Paul Rowland Plastering

Member since 5 Apr 2012

Hi Dave,
If the ceiling is lath and plaster it would probably just be the lime plaster that has given way leaving the laths in situ, the bow would need to be removed and the patched in with a base coat plaster and that area skimmed...if its plasterboard the bow needs to be cut out and a new piece put in and then skimmed,,as for the tiles yes these will need to be removed and then see what requires attention.

Answered 15th May 2012

ABM plastering

Member since 21 Feb 2011

hi sorry to hear of your problem for the ceiling i would say cut away damage if plaster board if small repair skim in if large my as well skim whole ceiling? if its lath and lime it could need to be over boarded. as for wall that can be repaired take out loose and patch with renervation plaster and skim in.the tiling take of damaged tiles repair plaster work then if tiles can be saved(ie.soaked in water most adhesive will go soft when soaked- scrape off).then reinstate -hope this helps.-time scales about 2-days.

Answered 14th May 2012

A J Thurlow

Member since 14 May 2012

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