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Hollow sounding outside wall

I've just paid over £5k for a large wall topped with a fence to replace a falling down fence in my back garden. It looks great and I was really happy. I've noticed that some parts of the wall sound fine but some sound hollow when tapped. Should I worry or get him back to look?

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The wall itself will be boss, this means that the render has came away from the brick. That’s why you can hear a hollow sound. You would be best getting that checked out


Answered 6th Sep 2020

Hi If I was you definitely I will call back and to have look at again but You have done it with the sound and cement
you going to have always problem the best solution only that Silicon rendering can solve your problem
Once and for all


Answered 6th Sep 2020

It can happen with sand & cement. Especially if it’s cured to quickly in direct sunlight.
So many new systems out there now with silicone & monocouche renders.
Like someone has said silicone would have been the best choice or a monocouche coloured render with a sealer to stop it staining especially from the water running of the fence.

Not really the applicators fault and if he’s put all the correct admixtures in it should be fine. When it starts falling of the wall then you need to worry.

Regards Stuart.


Answered 17th Sep 2020

Hi the rendering is not adherd to the wall behind there for you can get water penetrate through the rendering which will only get worse. In winter it can freeze and blow the rendering off not ideal.


Answered 27th Sep 2020

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