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Will putting up a fence damage a mature eucalyptus tree?

I am due to have a fence replaced as the old one is very dilapidated. As I need a gate, some of the original posts will need to be moved. Next to the fence is a beautiful eucalyptus tree around 10 m tall. I am worried the work might damage the tree. Is there anything I can do to ensure its safety?

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As long as the roots are not damaged too badly, it will be fine


Answered 3rd Sep 2020

I would recommend the use of an air spade to displace the soil around the root zone of the tree. This method does not cause damage to the root plate in contrast to manual digging.
Exposure of the root plate will provide you with visual perspective of the root zone and where it may be appropriate to place your posts to support your fence.
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Answered 3rd Sep 2020

Small excavations for post holes should not affect a mature tree. A Eucalyptus is also very hardy, obviously the siting of the post holes away from any major roots will assist.


Answered 9th Sep 2020

Hi make sure that the posts going into the ground are located away from the main root bowl. In addition make sure that the trunk and branches of the tree have room to spread or keep them well pruned. The trunk over time will thicken so be sure that the fence won't impede this.


Answered 10th Sep 2020

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