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What cctv to put in home

What CCTV would you recommend putting on as their is different types out in the market now.


Will putting new cctv sytem in cause any damage inside the house walls?

Or any alternative that can be easily set up

What's the best options?

10 Answers from MyBuilder Security System Installers

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I recommend Hikvision 5MP tru colour, brilliant system, view remotely via app on smart phone or tablet, also no subscription fee like for ring, prices can vary mainly labour charges.


Answered 27th Sep 2022

Hi we use dahua nvr and cameras with crystal clear images and couloir night vision we find a lot of Our customers Love the clarity and good quality night vision cameras withe ease of access with remote access to live footage and good quality playback via mobile app we also aim to suit customers requirements.


Answered 23rd Mar 2021

As far as the hikvision true colour system goes.Yes it gives you colour images in low light but if you want my true answer ,why pay for expensive systems .Yes ,hokvision are a leader in cctv but so is dahua ,but you will pay a wee bit more .As far as ring goes ,again really expensive . Run of the mi systems are a built by the same factories in china but just put outside independent. I've put many budget systems out there had had really good images and playback. For picture quality ,you cant beat ip cameras . They use a wider bandwidth and give you excellent live footage for your money !Avoid wireless as they can be unstable and unreliable .


Answered 3rd Sep 2020

Main door 1 x ring video door bell
Rear elevation 1 x ring video flood light


Answered 20th Oct 2020

I would highly recommend Hikvision. Easy to install, configure and good tech support offered widely across the board


Answered 20th Oct 2020

hi, I would recommend Hikvision. Easy to install, a wide selection of cameras for all budgets. very reliable we use 80% Hikvision.



Answered 20th Oct 2020

Hi recommend colourvu cameras. Most manufacturers use this type of technology now, we have been using Hikvision and find the quality brilliant. Most cctv cameras can give a good quality picture in daylight but nighttime is where you want a good clear picture and in colour being an added bonus


Answered 23rd Nov 2020


I have to agree with everyone else, Hikvision, is the way. Their systems are second to none and offer a wide range of cameras.

All I would say, and what a lot of people don’t understand/know is that most of the mainstream companies, as you have mentioned, only provide up-to 2MP cameras, this is great, but if something happens over 5m away, you will not be able to get good clarity for identification.

I would strongly recommend 5MP and above.


Answered 12th Jan 2021

I would recommend using dahua tioc cameras, not only do they record footage they also act as a deterrent as they have a sound feature and a strobe light effect, you can customise what sound the camera will make or you can make your own message. The tioc also imitates a police light with a red and blue strobe effect when someone steps over a digital tripwire.


Answered 21st Jun 2021

Hikvision or Dahua! Cheap, cheerful & professional. Do not listen to anyone saying Swann or any cheap and nasty cameras.


Answered 27th Sep 2022

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