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Rotten decking - temporary fix?


Bought a house, surveyor report Identified some rot in the decking outside. The decking has astroturf on top of it, so I’m assuming years of weather has caused it.

The rot is in three separate places, basically in the middle of some of the panels. Problem is, it’s rotted to the point standing on the Astro in those spots is a bit dangerous.

The long term plan is to replace the whole decking, but my temporary fix was to just lay some 5mm plywood over the gaps so it can support people walking over those spots on the Astro. It would only need to be a solution for a year or so. Would this be an acceptable temporary fix? Or could there be another temporary solution?

I’m not very DIY savey...

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I would take the infected boards up inspect the frame work support and strengthen if necessary and then suggest change the infected boards relay the Astroturf and then it will last a lot longer till you’re ready to change it


Answered 22nd Aug 2020

No ... don’t just put thin ply over it.. not worth the risk!
Pull it all up and clear site


Answered 23rd Aug 2020

In order to be able to use the deck for a longer period of time, you must carefully inspect the beams and planks of the fool deck and then replace the rotten beams and planks.You can use a treatment paint for old deck that will definitely increase the period of use of the bridges And do not forget before using the paint treatment you need to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the deck.
Good luck


Answered 24th Aug 2020

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