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My house built 1900- kitchen plaster has cracked and bulged had repaired twice but i can see small crack and plaster beginning to bulge again- what is causing this

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I assume your talking about the walls, is it coming away from brick/block/studding or other back ground.
Really need more info, but basically as you say that you have had it repaired twice, so I would suggest the prep work hasnt been done properly.
If it was done by an odd job man, then they only do items no 1, 3, 5 you then have to get an even man in to do jobs 2, 4, 6 ( sorry just a little joke I read today )
Post your job on here, one of the plasterers here will sort it for you.

Answered 9th Apr 2011


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it may be damp, causing your plaster to blow.

Answered 10th Apr 2011


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if your house was built in 1900 and still has the original plaster on walls,the answer could be simply old age,or it could be an ingression of damp causing it to 'blow'.
If it's just old plaster,it won't be stable on the walls and will move about.

You can usually tell if your plaster is unstable by tapping the walls with your knuckles.If it's solid it will feel like you are tapping on the brickwork itself,but if it's come away from your wall,you will hear the plaster knocking back onto the brickwork;you may even see the plaster move.

If this is the case,then i'm afraid no amount of repair work/re-skimming will cure the problem.You may as well chuck your money in the bin.
Only way now would be to hack off the plaster back to brick and re-plaster.
Put a request on Post a Job for a plasterer in your area (with good feedback) to pop round and see you and inspect your walls,check for damp also.

Hope this helps,


Answered 10th Apr 2011

carl melady

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hi there lots of homes that were built around the 1900 may get small problems from time to time the only way to give you the correct diagnosis is to take a loook at the wall thank you ian

Answered 10th Apr 2011

bedfordshire builders ltd

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Sounds like your walls damp! Id recommend taking the wall back to brick and getting it injected.You can then reboard and skim and that should solve your problem.

Answered 9th Apr 2011


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Depend on what kind of plaster did you have used before to repair it?
Usualy you have to use multyfinish(red/brouwn) and tape to put on cracks before plastering to get more strengt......or refitting with new plaster-boards and you gona be happy for next 50-80 yerars.............
Thanks Michal

Answered 10th Apr 2011


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