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Can you fit vinyl lino flooring over ceramic tiles?

We have had ceramic tiles fitted onto a new chipboard floorin our bathroom 3 years ago. (we were told this is the norm :S) After 3 months the tiles cracked and we were unable to get hold of the builder/cowboy to fix the bodge job. We are wanting to fix this problem. Would we have to take up the tiles and then have lino fitted or can we put lino over the tiles? The problem being that there will be a height difference. do we tke up the tiles and build up the height difference with more wood or can we put say hardboard over the tilesand then fit lino? Thanks

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if the tiles are loose then yes they would have to come up. but if they are firmly fixed then u could over lay the tiles with approx 3-5mm of a self leveling compound. the vinyl floor covering could then be fixed to this.


Answered 7th May 2012

The ceramic tiles cracked because the fitter should have put down plywood of at least 6mm thickness to make sure the subfloor was sound enough to fit the ceramic tiles onto. A chipboard floor will move when walked upon.
Your best option now is to take up the ceramic tiles, adhesives and grout then fasten down the 6mm plywood mentioned above. Once this is completed and securely nailed down (at four inch centres) you will be able to fit the vinyl or lino floorcoverings.
Any difference in levels at the doorway can be made up by the use of a suitable doorplate.
Don't think about screeding over the ceramic tiles, if they have cracked before then obviously the same thing would then happen to the screed !!
Hope this helps.


Answered 9th May 2012

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