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When i am putting a new fence where is the my starting point.

Five years ago my husband put our fence on our wall. Then the fences was not straight. Now my neighbour asked us to straight them. And we want to do it because of health and safety issues. To straight the fences they don't allow us to put them in the gap between the extension. Put it where it was before. To straight the fences how suggest I need to give my land and break my flowerbed. They not agree to do it in the boundary.

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If the gap between your extension is on your boundary this is where I would start the fence, don't let the neighbours bully you into giving up land that is yours


Answered 8th Aug 2020

If the extension is within your boundary and the gap it’s ok there.dont let them bully you and take your rightful land that’s can go to the council and get plans for the house and find out where your boundary is


Answered 8th Aug 2020

I would erect fence inside of boundary line so that no posts are on neighbours land then no one can do or say anything to you but make sure it on your side of the boundary


Answered 8th Aug 2020

contact your local land registry they will be able to give you the correct boundary information not your neighbour. fencing can be erected from a starting point of either end with a string line. DCHL Services Ltd


Answered 10th Aug 2020

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