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Carpet under paid for but was never replaced

When we bought our house just under 2 years ago we paid over £7,000 to have all the carpets replaced and new underlay, to be laid. The invoice shows that this was paid for. We completed on the house and then left 5 days before we moved in to let the fitters remove and replace all the carpet and underlay. We had specified that we wanted no thresholds and the carpets butted against each other for a seamless look. We were moving a fair distance so we were very busy with the move and didn't get to the house to check the carpets. When we moved in we noticed that 3 of the rooms upstairs had the metal threshold strip fitted and the others had been butted - we called the fitters and they said it was a mistake and they realised that we wanted the carpets butted. The bigger issue however is that recently we had new skirting and architrave fitted, the carpets had to be lifted at every edge to allow for the fitting, whilst it was up I could see the underlay was in terrible condition, had started badly perishing and it was carpet right branded! we did not buy our carpets from carpet right. I contacted the carpet shop to ask if that the underlay that they used. Of course they didn't. So the issue is we paid for new underlay which was not replaced but charged for. The underlay has made the carpet flat and it looks dreadful two years down the road. Also the upstairs hall carpet was laid in the wrong direction and needs replacing already. I have the owner of the carpet shop coming out with a fitter to lift the carpets . Am I reasonable in expecting all the carpets to be lifted and the underlay and carpets replaced? Ive just come to a huge renovation project and the thought of moving everything again fills me with dread! is it reasonable to expect professional company to come in and help move the furniture if I am offered this? Many Thanks

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It sounds like the fitters who went in saw the underlay and took the decision not to replace it. The fact that the manager is coming out to look at things shows the shop are willing to see what they can do, I would not expect the shop will want to cover the cost of professional removers coming to move the furniture and if approached i would expect that if they agree about the underlay would probably get the fitters to move the furniture as required.
I would not like to speculate on what has happened but would think that the shop until now may like yourselves may have been unaware of what has happened and will be keen to resolve the matter.
In short if they are prepared to come out in good faith then they deserve the chance to resolve the matter see what can be sorted.


Answered 31st Aug 2020

The original fitter had no right to change things and if he did without the customers decision he is sole responsibility for this. And all new carpets should be fitted on new underlay


Answered 31st Aug 2020

In all honesty, I will ask the shop to replace the carpet and underlay.

You paid a lot of money for carpet and underlay yet they have let you down.

Don’t go for anything less surely the carpet should be aware of what’s happened and they should have been supervising the job of this scale.

Kind regards
Carpet Mill


Answered 31st Aug 2020

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