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Best way to deal with deep / long cracks to outside walls

I have a range of cracks to outside walls - some hairline, some long and substantial.

I have had a lot of quotes for how to deal with these because some have caused ingression of water into the bathroom wall and added to this, I have a window that was never properly sealed that needs to be dealt with.

I have been advised to

1. go back to the brick and render
2. repair cracks by grinding back and filling in making smooth the walls/paint with PVA ready for painting
3. 2 plus use silicone paint - but which is the best?

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I would say that you need to engage a structural engineer to clarify as to the cause of why you have these cracks and what is causing them. Normally a plastic strip is placed over the cracks and then marked to see how far the gap opens up during a course of around 3 months. In some cases I have used metal rods and infilled the gaps with a special liquid Which is a two part substance and inserted into the gaps which which in turn prevent the gaps from opening up but check with the engineer first. I would not advise using anything else as this problem will or can come back and you have wasted your money on other things.
Good luck.


Answered 29th Jul 2020

First before you do anything is get structural engineer in see what there report shows with the cracks being long and wide could be foundation have cracked which can be dealt with by under pinning but you must get structural engineers report first don’t go and waste money on anything else until you have report from them
You didn’t say how old your house


Answered 6th Aug 2020

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