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Unscrewed something and spring has shot to bottom of frame

Hi all, firstly - disclaimer: I know nothing about windows which is why I've broken it. The window is about 80cm square with two sliding panes and the bottom section pulls inwards. So my window was getting stuck on a block of plastic which is screwed in with 2 screws half way up inside the frame. I thought I could unscrew it to see what was causing the issue not realising it was attached to a spring (inside the frame?) and the block of plastic rocketed to the bottom of the runner. I now can't get the plastic block back up the runner as it is so tightly pinned down by whatever spring there is. I absolutely cannot afford £200-250 to replace the window so was wondering if there's some sort of DIY I can do?

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To be honest this sounds like a sliding sash window and I'm not too sure about how the mechanism works so the best thing would to be is get in touch with the suppliers.


Answered 30th Jul 2020

Sounds like a balance spring. If it still has tension then its still operational. You will need to purchase a spring pull and hook it back on to the bottom of the window. I would recommend a professional to do it


Answered 23rd Aug 2020

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