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Does a concrete verandah need an engineers report?

I live in a second floor flat with an exterior concrete verandah. The verandah is showing cracks in the concrete flooring alongside the metal guardrails, and bits of concrete have fallen of the edges of the concrete flooring. The builder wont repair it without a structural engineers report. Is this normal or should I try another builder?

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hes a professional and he is trying to give you the right advice ,but as normal people would rather bodge it for half the price,the concrete is decaying probably showing the re-bar which i suspect is rusting through,this is not a bodge/repair job,this needs to be done properly as i suspect people will be using/standing on it once repaired,ir the old re-bar is not cut out and new installed then new concrete then the balcony will never be at full strength thus a danger to anyone using it.this is why rightly so this guy wants a full report,yes get another bodger who i am sure will relieve you of your cash and do a cover job ,but when the balcony collapses do not go complaining as its not the bodgers fault either as he was just doing what you asked,this other guy whom you do not want to believe is in fact THE PROFESSIONAL


Answered 3rd May 2012

Hi there, I think the builder is requesting the safe option just in case the concrete condition is actually more deteriorated than it looks. If the builder was to repair the surface cracks then they might take responsibility for anything that happens over the coming months.
It is not unreasonable for them to request the report but on the other hand another builder might just carry out the works.

Hope this helps



Answered 3rd May 2012

If you live in a 2 nd floor flat you are right to get it looked at & the builder is right to ask for a engineers report as this would give the method to correctly carry out the repairs.

Also bear in mind if any of your balcony could fall it could hit anyone below so the cost of a engineers report cost in this case is rather money well spent

Also could you claim any thing back from the leaseholders of the flat as i assume you pay a maintenance fee i could do no harm to inquire


Answered 16th May 2012

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