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I've just bought a secondhand fireplace with a slate back (or whatever you call the bit between the fireplace and the fire surround). However the opening in the slate back is too small so we need to cut the slate to create a bigger opening for the fireplace.

Is it possible to cut 1 inch thick slate with a further 1 inch thickness of concrete behind it, and can anyone recommend someone in or near to Enfield, North London to do the job? I just need someone with the correct cutting machine, i will even take the slate to them.

I've tried looking but i've had no luck so far.



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HI Dave,
slate is good durable but not hard like granite. So you can do it, don't be shy. Can you use an angle grinder? If so, mark opening on slate in pencil, mask along what will be your new opening edge gaffer tape best. RIGHT, steady hand, lightly score your line, 5 inch cutter easy to handle good diamond blade but don't pay silly money. Go slow, remember just score it if you like the line, go slowly over again. Now your cutter has a guide like a track, now go for it full depth of five inch stop just short of line, do all 3 cuts in slate . CONCRETE mark 10 mm bigger OPENING than slate 9 inch grinder or saw cut to line.Tip mark blade depth a few mm deeper than concrete with marker pen with dots on the blade when cutting you will see a black line that's your depth cut past your lines on concrete job done slate oil edge will look great,or find marble granite masons. Hope you can read my ramblings good luck .

Rob Brown Stonemason .


Answered 23rd May 2012

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