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I agreed on a price for plastering and the bill has come back for more

I made a verbal agreement for my builder to complete my extension by using one of his plasterers. He gave me a price which I agreed. Eight months later I get the bill for three and a half grand more than what he priced.
What do I do ?

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Tell him to do one.ANY additional costs should be agreed at the time of the work and should have been given in writing.Any decent tradesman would have an issue with asking for that kind of extra money if it hasnt been agreed beforehand and i think hes trying it on.Where has he been for 8 months? He must be very wealthy to wait that long or he was hoping you would forget the amount that you agreed.I would say the latter.Dont pay it and next time,GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING.


Answered 30th Apr 2012

hi only pay what you agreed the first time if there is nothing signed on paper he will not get anywhere getting the rest always one trying to rip people off


Answered 1st May 2012

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