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Does dpc on extension have to match existing on house?

NEW EXTENSION, does your dpc on new build ( HAVE ) to be in line with your existing dpc on your house, meaning is there any torence over all under the dpc on the existing building,i no its meant to be 150mm above ground, do they have to be directory in line with each other.

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No you can have DPC `s at different levels, so long as you have a vertical dpc that links the two. Various jobs done where buiding control allowed me to cut into the brick just below the existing so I could tuck in the new dpc to give an overlap. Other jobs they allowed just a vertcal dpc between the old and the new wall.


Answered 8th May 2012

Not always, depends on ground and desired floor levels etc.


Answered 30th Apr 2012

Not necessarily. It should just be 2 courses of bricks up from ground level.


Answered 16th May 2012

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