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Would you recommend including sets in a tarmac drive for decorative effect?

We need to contribute to the resurfacing of a shared drive and want to use a fibre membrane, bitumen binder course and 25mm top layer of SMA, but the neighbour favours a design that includes decorative sets that we think will let the surface deteriorate sooner than it should - any advice?

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If its sets to go around the edge it will have know effect on the tarmac what so ever.

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Answered 2nd Jul 2020

I thinks it's mainly down to personal preference I like to always add a edging block of some sort so it gives it a bit of contrast and looks less like a car park it has no effect on tarmac if anything it makes in more durable on corners curves ect hope this helps


Answered 3rd Jul 2020

Their is more factors ,so is hard to just
Give a simple answer .For edging that cars drive over ,it can wear the bitumen surface down faster, especially if their is a height difference in the two products
If their are the same height and both have the same subase then it will be OK .but if there are different subase laid then it can create problems


Answered 7th Jul 2020

Not a good idea, in general to use sets in the driveway, but as mentioned as an edging would be an advantage


Answered 19th Jul 2020

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