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Who pays to repair poorly carried out work?

Some years ago my parents, now quite elderly, had an extension built. The bricks are now disintegrating on the external walls, and the builder has admitted that he used internal grade bricks for the external walls. He has given them a quote to repair the work. I feel that they should not be expected to pay for this work to be done.... could you advise? The extension was built maybe 20yrs ago.

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In an ideal world,mistakes are rectified by the person that makes them and in theory he should do it for free but 20 years is a very long time ago and to redo it now would be much more expensive than it would have been at the time.A fair compromise would be that his price reflects the fact that he was once an idiot.Although saying that,all this talk of internal bricks makes me think he probably still is.


Answered 27th Apr 2012

I agree that a compromise could be met, as it was so long ago. I would still use the contractor, but inspect closely.


Answered 4th May 2012

is he the only builder in the village lol why would you want to re-employ if you were not satisfied with his previous work ,


Answered 29th Apr 2012

What does building control have to say about this. Unless the extension is very small the local authority would have been informed and paid to inspect. Even if you could get them interested I am not sure what they would do about it, but you could use as a lever to get builder to give a sensible price.
Separate to this I assuming they used fletton bricks. Could this be saved by applying a render, a cheaper solution for now even if you have to use a mesh, but would require long term maintenance.


Answered 8th May 2012

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