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Why is my new shower still leaking

Hi all
I have had a new shower installed last few months. Its been good and working well until last week. We found its been leaking to the bottom flat probably for a while as the floor boards underneath are all wet and smelly. We found a possible leak on the silicone/tray joints and glass wall/tray joint. We remove all the old silicone around the tray and at the corners/joints of tile wall. Then we re applied the silicone.
It was ok for 2 days but today while my daughter was taking a shower I found it leaking to bottom floor again.
We cannot see from where it is leaking at all! We plan to remove the silicone again and re-apply.......
Has anybody got advice on what we can do to prevent the problem from recurring or
IF we have to lift the tray and go underneath we will but if we can resolve without all the work involved it would be great!
Under the tray is floor boards the we had put a floor using green boards then Lino on top.So tray sits on green board

Any advice will be appreciated

A Davenport

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Pride carpentry makes a good point, without further inspection it will be hard to comment on where a leak is coming from without seeing it.


Answered 18th Jun 2020

Get the guy back who put it in it might be leaking at the back of the shower unit do some tradesmen not give at least 1 years guarantee


Answered 26th Jun 2020

If it’s not the silicone it cud be either waste / trap or pipe connecting shower or possibly not silicone in between shower frame .


Answered 18th Jun 2020

Use the shower hose or a bucket of water to get water directly into the shower trap/ waste with out getting the whole shower area wet. If you still get signs of water down stairs it can only be the waste/trap leaking. If there is no sign of water then start checking the silicone seal again without getting all the shower area wet. I'm afraid its a process of elimination trying to test small areas at a time and working from the bottom up. I have known there to be small holes in the tile grout allowing water to run between the tile and the wall.
Hope this helps.


Answered 5th Jul 2020

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