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Replace garage door with french doors

I have a detached garage and don't use if to park my car so was hoping to replace the standard garage door with a french doors as I only use it for storage.
I would like to know if its possible just to replace the doors without having to go through a full conversion at present?
And Also if any sort of planning permission is required?
Thanks in advance

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Yes you can replace the doors and wont need planning but may need building regulations to check the work as you should put them on two course of brickwork and damp course


Answered 16th Jun 2020

If your simply fitting french doors into a garage, and it’s only being used for storage and not a habitable room then you don’t require any planning permission or building regulations


Answered 23rd Jun 2020

Hi You would not need planning consent to change the garage doors and you wouldn’t need to undertake a full conversion , however the door would have to be fitted by a competent registered contractor who would issue you a certificate on completion or this work would have to have a building regulation notice applied for ,and the work signed off by the building inspector.


Answered 23rd Jun 2020

You wont need planning unless your in a conservation area or have any covenants attached to your property, ie if it's on a new estate the builder will not allow any changes to the frontage of the dwellings for a certain amount of time usually 2 years) you wont need to sit them on 2 courses, just swap like for like,


Answered 23rd Jun 2020

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