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I need some kitchen plinths. What is the best material to use wood or plastic PVC?

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Depends on customers preference and availability limited colours in upvc and are not as rigid as wood plinths plus plastic plinths can be static and attract hair and fluff more so


Answered 15th Jun 2020

Definitely wood. Plastic is not robust enough to withstand a long life as a plinth. The most common is chipboard wood with a veneer.


Answered 16th Jun 2020

Customer preference ,i can tell them wood is rigid .plastic can be static and attract fluff more ,up to the customers ,both can bee fittet


Answered 16th Jun 2020

I would always recommend a MFC plinth (chipboard same as kitchen).
Would also use the raw edge to the underside of the units and use a plinth seal strip.
Not very expensive but stops any water ingress.


Answered 23rd Jun 2020

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