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Should i put put an end bead after removing pebble dash and if so how?

Hi all,

I'm in the process of removing the pebble dash from the front of my terrace house. its coming off very easily, but as the pebble dash covered both mine and my neighbours property i will need to make a nice sharp finish on the edge of my property boundary.
Firstly, what's the best way to get a good edge to remove to? Should i use a small angle grinder to cut throuh the pebble dash cement so as not to remove chucks from my neighbours property and secondly, once i have the cut line and pebble dash removed, should i finish off the edge with an end bead? If so how should it be fixed and finished?

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Best Answer have it spot on what youve said but you must silicone the gap between the back of the bead and your neighbours render to stop water need whats called a stop bead...use stainless steel an screw it to the wall...


Answered 15th Jun 2020

12m stop bead drill and fix


Answered 16th Jun 2020

Use an angle grinder after chalk lining a line between the properties. Use plastic stop beads fixed with pink grip to eliminate the chance of future rust spots as no metal at all will be used. Stainless steel beads can also be used but in either case apply a line of exterior sealant as previously stated to stop any water ingress.


Answered 19th Jun 2020

Galvanised stop end bead will make it look neat and also a nice finish 👍


Answered 7th Jul 2020

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