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We have a back boiler with a gas fire. the boiler is decommisioned but the fire works. can i disconnect the gas fire and leave the back boiler behind the firepace

Great advice- decided to remove both boiler and fire and if necessary replace fire surround - thanks all

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I think I know what you want. The fire and the boiler
are usually (in the case of a Baxi for instance ) separate bits of kit. As long as the flue/chimney is safe an engineer should be able to run one without the other. So if you want to bring the boiler back to life without the gas fire it should be possible. If on the other hand you want to get rid of the gas fire you should be able to do that, but if you are going to leave the boiler in there it will be a bit of an eyesore at the back of the fireplace. You must use a gas safe man for any alterations.
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Answered 28th Apr 2012

I agree with Kieron. Remove the fire and boiler and cap off the gas suppply where it is safe and preferably not visible. Check manufacturers spec as to
using the gas fire or boiler on its own,I think British gas don't allow this practise, be it right or wrong.
ALWAYS use a gas safe


Answered 5th May 2012

why do you wish to leave the boiler in situ and disconnect the fire? leaving the boiler in place? why dont you take it all out and do something with the fire!

Any gas disconnections,must be done by a gas safe engineer!

your flue must also be left ventilated!



Answered 23rd Apr 2012

You definitely cannot remove the gas fire and leave the boiler operational. If the fire was left inplace and the appliances passdd all safety checks that would be fine. But a very inefficient form of heating.


Answered 24th Jan 2017

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