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How do we increase the height of the a compositie door so that the sill is higher?

We need the door to be moved up by about 1 1/2 inches (or one brick height). This is to allow the underfloor heating mats, boards, tiles to be laid without the risk of the door not being able to be opened.

Am I right in thinking that the whole frame and door will need to be pulled out and a section of brick laid down to raise the height, then the lintel moved up to allow the door to be fitted back in higher up?

If so - what price range am I looking at to get all this sorted?


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The hole frame will have to be moved it is possible to buy just a upvc packer/ sill to go under the door instead off brick. 0 but it does very on lintel etc. best to put a job on hear and see.


Answered 24th Apr 2012

Hi, as already said, yes door frame will need to be removed, lintel moved up replastered and made good. Sounds a lot of work but not really. Put the job on MyBuilder get some prices, read feedback only days work. best wishes, Colin.


Answered 21st May 2012

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