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Patio pointing and rain

I have pointed up half of a newly laid patio then a big shower of rain came and the ends of the mortar came away on the edges but do I need to get it all out from inbetween each slab and start again?

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Basically it's up to you and your confidence in original pointing and the depth of the pointing. I would take out what I could ie any loose, clean whatever remains if solid. Mix some pva with water and brush between joints and point again hoping this time it doesn't rain


Answered 5th Jun 2020

Cut out 300 mm from ends ,as your gauged mortar repoint to ends .


Answered 5th Jun 2020

If you just face over the pointing its a very thin layer of mortar and will most likely spall off in winter. The best way is to grind out at least 25mm (if its set hard) or rake it out if still soft. Then repoint and cover till dry.


Answered 5th Jun 2020

Personally I would restart the process at least that way you know that the job is done, and not have to worry you have done half a job and six months later it needs to be done again.


Answered 9th Jun 2020

Yes.. I would cut all mortor out and restart as there would be water getting through the up ends making it weaken over time..


Answered 10th Jun 2020

I would personally take it all out and start again as water may of got in the joints better to be safe than sorry


Answered 10th Jun 2020

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