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How do you lay a double bullnose brick to a line

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Hi,set the line to just behind the bullnose edge, put the line on top of brick set back just behind bullnose put wrip up bit cement bag on top then brick, then pull line tight and put another brick on the other end this always been good for me best luck col.


Answered 22nd Apr 2012

Im assuming your using them as copings .Mark a line with a pencil quarter of the brick in from each side then set two lines from one end to the can also just use one line and a boat level.good luck


Answered 22nd Apr 2012

hi, i find the best way set your first brick then set another along the wall using a 1200 level ,then lay bricks to fill gap ,level the row of bricks with 1200 level and then place level on face of the bricks to straighten the row of bricks forget the back no brick is the same size and so on until complete.Its a lot faster then a string line i find good luck.


Answered 21st May 2012

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