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Got to repair the spring on my garage gate

Got to repair the spring on both side on my garage gate , any idea whom able to do this .

Many thanks

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Answered 4th Jun 2020

More information required, is it an up and over door ? or a hinged door. What is the door made of ? Is there a name on the lock ?
Are there weights hanging each side or has it a spring along the top.
Upon receipt of answers i would be in a better position to advise a coarse of action.
Regards Steve


Answered 5th Jun 2020

Is it a garage door you mean?
If its a gate and just need closing springs any good handyman could do this.If it is a garage door you would need garage door specialist to come and survey.


Answered 9th Jun 2020

Good afternoon if their wooden garage doors open outwards I would recommend to proper door closures

With the proper power on the closure to close the door properly not slam close fluid


Answered 11th Jun 2020

If the springs have snapped you would be better with a garage door repair company due to tension springs, usually costs around £70-90 to have both replaced


Answered 11th Jun 2020

A lock Smith could do this however a carpenter could also.


Answered 11th Jun 2020

Garage door supplier


Answered 11th Jun 2020

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