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I am thinking of having a wall build in my front garden - to section of neighbour. about 2 - 3 foot high. how much would a tradesman quote

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without seeing it and knowing type of brick size of wall ect


Answered 20th Apr 2012

How long is it and what is it being built in. Bricks, blocks, stones. ?


Answered 20th Apr 2012

It is recommended that a wall 2-3feet in height could be built in half brick thick with supporting one brick thick piers, or sensibly in one brick thick with brick on edge capping or creasing tile and brick on edge.
Price labour only £70 - £80 per metre squared. Extra over for creasing tile and flaunching. Materials depending on quality say starting from £60/m2
Both of these figures get less as the wall increases in lenght above say 4m.


Answered 8th May 2012

How long is a piece of string!


Answered 11th Jun 2012

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