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How close can i extend my house?

I have a semi-detached home and my garage (which has no doorway directly into the house, but shares a wall with the house) is currently made of tin and concrete (so don't think it has the correct foundations to convert), and is sat between my house and the neighbours wall.

There is about a foot gap between the garage wall and the neighbour's wall. They do not have any windows overlooking into my garage or property. I was planning to convert my garage and making it a double storey and join it into my house, making more living space. I've had a look around and have read about the 45 degree window rule, and the 1 metre rule but wanted to know, as there is not a 1 metre gap currently, can I possibly make a double storey with the same distance currently (1ft as opposed to 1m)? I think the neighbours may agree to our idea but not sure if it is their choice or the councils.

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You will be able to create two storey extension building onto the boundary the one meter is generally from the front wall on first floor level so the upstairs steps back from the ground floor.


Answered 30th May 2020

Yes you can extend the garage to make a double story ,as long as you have engineer involved and planning permission ,if it’s necessary.


Answered 26th Jun 2020

You are able to build ok from your existing house by upto 3 meters which will fall under permitted development as long as its single story. AnyThing over that size you will need planning permission


Answered 30th May 2020

Its always wise to consult the Planning Dept just to be sure there are no covenants or local restrictions.


Answered 14th Jun 2020

You may also need a party wall agreement if the house is less than 3m


Answered 27th Jun 2020

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