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Changed light switches and plug sockets upstairs and now electric has been tripping out

I changed all the sockets and switches upstairs in my house From plastic to chrome. When I done it my electric tripped out 3-4 hours after and constantly done it every 3-4 hours. Yesterday I tested all the sockets with a plug tester and all are showing three green lights to indicate they’re all fine. Took off my light switch to the hall way and found the live and neutral to be loose so refitted this and left it as that and I thought I had solved the issue but 24hrs later my electric has just tripped again. Not sure if I need a different switch type as the hallway can be turned on and off from down and upstairs? Any other suggestions before I take off all the other switches?

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Phone a qualified electrician before you burn the house down.


Answered 27th May 2020

Call an electrician


Answered 27th May 2020

You will need to get an electrician in but it might be a nightmare to identify if it’s an occasional fault you could help by turning off the sockets then seeing if it still trips then vide versa so you know which circuit is causing the problem I take it it’s tripping the rcd not the mcb


Answered 28th May 2020

There are quite a few variables , each socket would have to come off and checked , I would guess a cable has been trapped against the metallic facia , but further testing would be required to confirm ..


Answered 6th Jun 2020

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