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How big dose a base of 8x6 shed base

I am having a 8x6 shed in my garden, and we are wanting to use the plastic grid base, just wondering how big do we need to order or is 8x6 base ok to get?

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Yeah 8x6 will be fine


Answered 27th May 2020

I found that sheds I built a rarley exactly the size advertised so went for extra base, so no overhang from the shed on the base.and then filled the excess with dirt for grass or gravel . And also then if your not exactly happy with the shed position when built you have play to move the shed slightly on the base.
Just my opinion :)


Answered 3rd Jun 2020

You need it at least 100mm bigger all around


Answered 27th May 2020

I would suggest between 100mm and 150mm Bigger


Answered 28th May 2020

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