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Removal of chimney stack in loft

Removing a chimney breast without removing the stack
I would like to remove the chimney breasts in my house to create more internal space.

The issue is, however, that the house is semi-detached and the chimney stack is shared with adjoining neighbour. The easiest course of action would be to remove the chimney stack on both sides, but despite the fact that the fireplaces are permanently unused and blocked in my neighbour's house she will not give permission for me to remove her side of the chimney stack (I'm willing to pay 100% of the cost), no matter how much I try to persuade her of the long-term maintenance benefits of getting rid of it.

How much of the stack that is in my loft can i remove?

Can i take it up to the actual outside stack or do i need to leave a gap?

(I am aware I'll have to submit a party wall notice in any event)

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U can support the chimney breast in your loft space on steels then remove what’s underneath. U may need your local councils building control to approve the steel size/method before going ahead, but should be straight forward.


Answered 26th May 2020

The best way to remove the chimney is to have some gallows brackets made to a structural engineers calculations. These would support the piece of chimney you don’t want to remove, allowing you to remove the rest. You will definitely want to have it signed off by building control.


Answered 20th Jun 2020

Yes agree with answer, engineering calcs for steel and method submitted to building control. Then your covered if and when you sell the property.


Answered 11th Jun 2020

Yes I agree with the above answer. This is 100% the correct course of action


Answered 22nd Jun 2020

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