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Do stud walls need plastering before tiling?

We are having a new en suite built. All around it is stud walls. Should the walls be plastered before tiling . what is the best way ? Don't want to be cheated?

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Hi,is the stud wall plasterboard if so yes you can tile on the walls without plastering,if you are using a shower i suggest tanking this area which you can get from any tile dealers,just one other point use plastering scrim tape in the corners and cover with adhesive when tiling to stop any internal cracking of the joints,i would suggest using Bal White star if you are using ceramic tiles.


Answered 19th Apr 2012

Plaster board does not need skimming prior to tiling, dry board or unskimmed board will carry approx 25 kilo's per square metre of wieght. Adhesive manufacturers actually recommend tiling onto dry board. With regards to the cracking of grout in the corners, once grouted and dry all internal corners should be sealed with a good quality silicone sealant to allow for expansion and contraction especially on stud walls.


Answered 20th Apr 2012

You can tile straight on to plasterboard, but the next time you tile you will need to change the plasterboard.


Answered 19th Apr 2012

No the walls do not have to be plastered.Bare plasterboard will actually take more weight in tiles than plastered board.Much would depend on your layout for a definitive answer though.Obviously if the walls are only half tiled etc then plastering would be required for a nice finish at the tops of the walls.Shower areas will need something different also but as a general rule,plastering isnt needed for tiling.


Answered 19th Apr 2012

they dont need plastering but would need sealing using unibond or similar which your tiler would do.


Answered 19th Apr 2012

skiming walls does make it stronger... but u can tile straight on it...just peace of mind its been skimmed..


Answered 19th Apr 2012

Stud walls whitch are plaster boards or tile backing do not need plastering just primr it first.
If you do plaster you need to allow to dry properly and then use a tile primer before tiling.


Answered 19th Apr 2012

Hi there, agree with the above. Fine to tile onto plasterboard but I would definitely recommend tanking the walls first especially around shower and bath areas.
Kind regards, Hartsendbathroomco


Answered 18th Jan 2018

Tiling onto plasterboard is fine, If they are large size tiles you should use a cement based adhesive.


Answered 13th Oct 2017

It is fine to tile straight on to plasterboard I would seal the boards first though and you will be fine


Answered 3rd Apr 2019

You shouldn’t tile onto plasterboard in wet areas, when the grout fails the plasterboard will rot. Better to use cement based or hardibacker boards. Agree with siliconing corners and joints etc, better not to grout these junctions first


Answered 25th Jan 2022

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