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Raising level of drive

The tarmac driveway of my house was raised the level of one house brick to get a better fall. It is laid right up against the brickwork. When installing a new drive, will it separate cleanly from the brick when being dug out or will this cause damage? I’m afraid it will have bonded to the bricks and pull them out when being removed. The bricks are concrete. Any advice about how this could be done without causing damage would be much appreciated. Thank you

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Hi, there may be some discoloration where the two surfaces have met but under normal circumstances it is safe to remove without any damage to neighbouring surfaces. Hope this helps. OverHall Pro


Answered 23rd May 2020

Yes they should be no problem separating the tarmac from the bricks, I have done it many times


Answered 28th May 2020

Hi, the previous answers are correct, there are also tar and bitumen removers on the market, that could be used to remove any stubborn marks.


Answered 28th May 2020

Hi, the previous answers are very good and should ease any worries or doubts that you have had.


Answered 28th May 2020

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