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Boiler cover glowworm mk ii

I have a Glow worm MKII boiler which works normally. It must be about 20 years old. I have never had boiler cover/insurance because there has never been a problem.
I am now thinking of renting out my property and so I need to have annual inspections done. I am considering getting a boiler cover service planthat includes this inspection... but I am reading on the web that for boilers as old as mine, parts are often not available and so the boiler can't be repaired (and it won't be replaced because it is > 10years old!) - and hence, all the money is wasted.
I wonder if anybody could advise on the availability of these parts for this boiler, as I am trying to decide whether to just pay for annual inspections ONLY, with a view to footing the bill for any repair work thereafter? Or whether I should just take out a boiler cover service plan... would be grateful for any suggestions as to which one is good/to avoid, etc.

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most companys that provide boiler cover would not touch your boiler because of its age they will gladly take your money though.To rent your house you will need a landlords certificate every 12 months.

Answered 18th Apr 2012


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Hi Sanjay,

I was working on a glow worm about the same age as yours a couple of weeks ago. The problem there was the boiler was overheating due to a faulty thermostat, which under normal circumstances would cost less than a tenner.
Glow worm no longer manufacture this part so the boiler was u/s and has been replaced.
This is going to be your problem. Whilst the boiler is going OK things
will be fine, it's when the machine has a problem your troubles will start.
With a boiler the age of yours you are living on borrowed time.
If you let your house with the boiler working, your tenant will expect a perfect boiler and when it breaks down, which it will, he will want it fixing immediately. If you can't get the bits it will mean you have to provide your tenant with a new boiler pretty well immediately.
You have two choices. Either shut the boiler down and provide your tenant with an electric immersion heater in the hot water tank, which might well be there already, and tell him to heat the house without using the boiler.Or replace the boiler now so that you won't have any problems for the next few years. If you have a gas boiler working on the let premises you will have to have an annual certificate which will cost about £75 depending on where you live. With your present boiler it would seem a waste of money to have a service agreement because the very first thing a service agreement engineer will say on seeing your boiler is you need to have it replaced and this is how much it will cost.£££££!.
Go for the annual certificate but you're living dangerously. A new boiler can be had for around £600 and almost certainly you can have it fitted for around £800 if you dig around.
Any further help give me a call,


Answered 18th Apr 2012

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