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Garden house at rear of garden on raft foundation

I will be building on a raft foundation 8m x 3m
The rear and side walls i was thinking of using single skin dense blocks. There will be a block partition around 3m as one part will be used as storage/shed.
It will be difficult to access sides and rear once built hence the dense block thinking.
Would like to go normal height, is this ok to do and would appreciate any advice.

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If your building a concrete block garden room on a concrete slab base then make sure you dig out enough ground and prepare properly and we’ll wackered down and double steel in slab


Answered 10th May 2020

the maximum height under permitted planning is not above 2.4


Answered 11th May 2020

Any raft foundation must be designed by an engineer

The steel reinforcement
Is key to the raft doing it’s job and is not something you can do without a design


Answered 25th May 2020

Agree with previous answers. Get plans drawn before starting will save potential hassles in future.


Answered 3rd Jun 2020

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